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De Vuursteen, experienced GPs for residents Vinkhuizen and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Business hours and emergency

Mon. t/m Fri. 08.00 – 17.00
Croon & Berghuis +31(0)50 – 5 717 500
Metsemakers & Tilstra +31(0) – 5 779 977
Fax +31(0) – 5 731 898
Emergency +31(0) – 5 777 777
After Business Hours 0900 – 9229
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Welcome at Vuursteen

Welcome to the general practice of healthcare centre De Vuursteen.

Our healthcare centre is situated in the neighborhood Vinkhuizen and has a regional function. In our centre we attend to patients from Vinkhuizen, Paddepoel west from the Zonnelaan, Kostverloren north of the Hoendiep, De Held, Gravenburg and Het Rietdiep. We are a healthcare centre in which we combine state of the art general practice with patient kindness and service.

We welcome all new patients.

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